We are India's fastest Growing Online Book Store is operated by Bookkuber Private Ltd., an e-commerce company headquartered in Hajipur,Bihar. We are working on the mission to provide readers the most convenient,easy and secure book shopping experience on the web.



Bookkuber's foundation stone was laid in 2023.Our objective is to facilitate the availability of books and study materials to the last corner of our country.
We have encountered many incidents in day to day life of our young readers like they have to wait for a long duration for buying any book from typical local shopkeepers due to shortage of supply of books and they have to visit their shop multiple times. We have also felt the financial shortcomings of students from poor class background.They want to continue there study further but they can't afford it.

But Bookkuber assures that we will stand strong behind those bright minds and won't let financial problems become obstacle in there career. We will provide the cheapest possible rate for the books that they want to buy via different arms of Bookkuber such as Online retail,E-books and old books.


We have a team of experienced people from diverse backgrounds working together on "Nurturing Education" in India.
We are focusing on providing customers a vast catalogue of books and a fast,reliable payment options as well as lightning speed delivery of books.
We are building a family of happy & active users and are growing every day!
Bookkuber has partnered with numerous publishing houses in the country to provide the best facility what we can offer to our customers via a medium of "Publishers to Readers".We have warehouses in Bihar and future plan is to expand in Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai.


If you are smart,dynamic and has a vision to help the last section of society,then yes you are welcome at Bookkuber. We are growing rapidly and are seeking people with above eligibility to come work with us. Send an email at and we will get back to you shortly....